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 Litoria_caerulea - an Australian Tree Frog  
lounges on a Bromeliad


"Exotic flowers of Bromeliads, exquisite fragrant Orchids, bizarre shapes of Rhipsalis and unique plant mobiles of Tillandsias provide a spectacular sight. Most are indigenous to the Rain Forest."


The greenhouse is habitat for a large variety of plant species, most of which are native to the Central and South American rain forest. In my collecting efforts, I concentrate only on species. I have very little interest in hybrids, even though I have some beautiful and famous crosses, which I wouldn't like to part with.
Bromeliads provide colorful interest with their spectacular foliage, even when nothing is in bloom. Their exotic flowers and colorful bracts are attractive for as long as six months. The beautiful orchid blossoms   brighten up even the dullest of days. The unusual shapes of succulents and cacti add form and texture to my interior scape.
This tropical retreat serves as a lush habitat for tree frogs from around the world, numerous fire-bellied toads, newts and Geckos. Oranda goldfish dart back and forth in a placid pond, and a "Tiki God" spills water into a gurgling creek which cascades past Cryptanthus and Rhipsalis. The creek is home to various tropical amphibians. A couple of turtles bask on rocks, only to be spooked by my unexpected arrival.

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Bromeliad Splendor
Aristocratic Orchids

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Tillandsia xerographica

Carmen - Greenhouse Manager

Rain Forest Greenhouse


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Hyla versicolor - Gray Tree frog
found from Manitoba east to Maine and south to northern Florida and central Texas

Hyla cinerea - Green Tree frog
Central to southeastern USA

Eublepharis macularius - Leopard gecko
found in the deserts of southern Central Asia, from the southern parts of Afghanistan, throughout India

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African_Treefrog.jpg (11506 bytes) Hyla_femoralis.jpg (23694 bytes) Smilisca_baudinii.jpg (6695 bytes)
African Treefrog Hyla femoralis - Pine Woods Tree frog
found on the coastal plain, southeast Virginia to south Florida and east Louisiana. In Georgia, it is found below the fall line.

Smilisca baudini - native to Mexico

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Rainforest_Greenhouse_4.jpg (65823 bytes) Rainforest_Greenhouse_10.jpg (72258 bytes) Rainforest_Greenhouse_11.jpg (72835 bytes)


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Nepenthaceae sanguinea - Tropical pitcher plant
a carnivorous plant native to Madagascar
Pearled Cockatiel Dischidea pectinoides- Ant plant
provides shelter for ants - native to Philippines

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Michigan Turtle



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Rainforest habitats are home to 

thousands of endangered species

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