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Bromeliads and orchids are the floral aristocrats of the rain forest. They display an incredible range of form and size, when they bloom, an  impressive palette of extraordinary colors. These plants are native to the tropical  and subtropical areas of the Americas, the majority indigenous to South America.  Most of them grow as air plants on the trunks and branches of trees. Some species wrap their roots around porous rocks, while others, such as the pineapple and "earth stars," grow in the soil.
"Two thirds of the world's plant species are found in the tropical Rain Forest including Orchids and Bromeliads."
To obtain unusual and rare species, we recommend joining plant societies. These organizations promote plant and seed exchanges and provide information on the culture of these plants. "Orchid  and Bromeliad Enthusiasts visit the Photo Galleries from the World's best Plant Societies!"

"Plants of the Rain Forest"

Dendrobium.chrysotoxum.jpg (56913 bytes)

Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Tillandsia.ionantha.jpg (25283 bytes)

Tillandsia ionantha

Aechmea.orlandiana.variegata.Ensign.jpg (43346 bytes)

Aechmea orlandiana 'Ensign'

Billbergia.saundersii.jpg (43691 bytes)

Billbergia saundersii

Catt.maxima.jpg (53520 bytes)

 Cattleya maxima

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Rhyncholaela.digbyana.jpg (34017 bytes)

Opuntia.jpg (70381 bytes)

Tillandsia brachycaulus

Rhyncholaela digbyana



With this web site, I hope  to raise awareness of  the urgent need to protect our rain forests,  the habitat of so many beautiful species which are being driven to extinction primarily because of the loss of their native environment.




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Founded to help protect the Environment !
Visitors can save a free area of Rain Forest with a mouse click.

Almost 2 acres of tropical Rain Forest disappear every second.
Hundreds of species of birds, animals and plants are loosing their
 homes as you read this.



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